Building from source:

This requires that you have KDE 2.0.1 and QT 2.2.2 (if you have the most recent KDE installed, you should be all set).

Download source here and then do:

make install


Konverse for potato is on kde.debian.net. Go there and find a mirror, then add it to your source.list file.

Konverse is in unstable (Sid). If you are running unstable you have nothing to add to your source.list.

After editing your source.list according to your distro (Sid or Potato), you can get Konverse via apt. Just follow these steps:

apt-get update
apt-get install konverse

Thanks to Ben Burton for maintaining the debian package.


RedHat 7 i386 Rpm: here.
RedHat 7 i686 Rpm: here.

RedHat 6 i386 Rpm: here.
RedHat 6 i686 Rpm: here.

Source Rpm: here.

Thanks to Slavek Banko for RedHat rpms


Mandrake 8 i586 Rpm: here.

Thanks to Gregory Kokanosky for Mandrake 8 rpms

Other systems

If you want to create a package for a distribution that is not there, I will be more than happy to post it.

You can find all files from sourceforge project entry here.

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