Welcome to the website of Konverse, the KDE-based Jabber client. Jabber is an open-source instant messaging protocol. For more information about Jabber, see Jabber.org.

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November 13, 2001 New maintainer! (again...)
Hello. I'm Jason and I'm taking over. Don't expect much right now, as I have a lot going on this month. I plan on an end of January relase of the next Konverse. I have many great features in mind for the application. Here are a few:
  • SSL suport
  • GPG support
  • Digest Authentication
  • User requested bug fixes, feature enhancments.
  • Open to ideas.
As you can see, security is my focus, but it's not the only focus. I want the make Konverse great for the people who use it.

If you'd like to help in anyway, go over to our forum and offer help!

October 1, 2001 Seeking new maintainer (again...)
Sorry dudes! I've come to the evidence that I don't have enough time to continue working on konverse. My day job is taking me lot's of time and energy. I must admit that after a day at work, the motivation to continue working on my computer lacks! So I'd like to give the lead of Konverse to someone with time, energy, motivation and skills in C++. The code is great to work with, it's well written. The base application is well started. You'll have to add features and fix bugs mostly! If the place interests you, leave me a mail at jerome_lalande@users.sourceforge.net. Konverse is a great little program and I'd like to see it grow :)

June 1, 2001 Konverse mailing list
I have set up a mailing list for konverse. It is konverse-general@sourceforge.net. You can find instructions and subscribe here. Use it to discuss about Konverse, request help, ask questions to developers etc. Please do not post bugs there. Use this instead.

May 30, 2001 Konverse on Debian and Mandrake
Konverse is now in Debian unstable! You can get it via apt. We also have a Mandrake 8 rpm. You can get the package and debian instructions from the download page.
It seems that there is a problem with the configure part of konverse in FreeBSD. A FreeBSD user, Munish Chopra, is working on it. As soon as he will be able to compile, he will build a package for FreeBSD.

May 28, 2001 Konverse 0.2
Konverse 0.2 is out! Get it here. The focus of this release is mainly to let you benefit from various improvements that Seth (original author) had commited to cvs. Unfortunately, I don't have a listing of those chages. Here are the changes made since I took the lead of the project:
  • Fixed bug that caused everyone to show online after you set your presence to offline
  • Added close and send button in chat windows
  • Fixed missing icons
  • Kicker icon reflects status
  • Clicking Kicker icon Shows/Hides roaster
  • Misc improvements not listed from Seth (done before... as said)

We will now begin adding more features to Konverse for version 0.3. Stay tuned.

May 16, 2001 Screenshots, Bug fixes and packages.
I want to announce that Ben Burton will be the Debian packager for Konverse. I'm also looking for packagers for RedHat rpms, and also any other distro that might interest you, Suse, Mandrake, Caldera etc...

I am currently doing bug fixes and making sure everything is working. Work in progress, stay tuned!!

I have updated screenshots so that you can see what the cvs version looks like and what future version will look like

May 16, 2001 Web site fixed for Mozilla.
There were some display problems with this site in Mozilla. Those problems have been fixed now.

May 9, 2001 New maintainer.
Hi! My name is Jerome Lalande, I'm from Quebec city in Canada and I'll be the new maintainer for konverse. I'll try to continue Seth's good work. I'm currently parsing all the code to see how everything is working. I'm gonna try to make a 0.2 release as soon as possible, but I can't put a date on it! Stay tuned!!

Apr 24, 2001 Seeking new maintainer.
As many have guessed (and a few have emailed) I am nolonger activally developing konverse (if I ever really was...but that is a different story). So, I'm looking for somebody to take over the project. Jabber is a wonderfull technology to work with, but I have come to the realization that I dislike writing GUIs. If you are interested please email me seth_hartbecke@users.sourceforge.net.

As a side note, you may want to take a look at the current CVS, if it builds for you it has a few things the 0.1 release does not.

Dec 25, 2000 Konverse v0.1 released. Source and .deb (no, I have not figured out howto make it apt-getable yet) currently available. I would appreciate any .rpms (or whatever) anybody else could build, just email Seth Hartbecke or my Jabber id is seth@jabber.org .

A special thanks to Bart Szyszka for creating the web site.

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